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Online Grocery Shopping at ShopFoodEx
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Get out of line with ShopFoodEx! Online Grocery Shopping made easy!

Coming soon! A Better ShopFoodEx Experience.

We are working on the new ShopFoodEx website with a rollout expected by Summer 2018. The new ShopFoodEx site promises to be a much more user friendly site with a responsive website design to fit all mobile devices, even more payment options including Apple Pay, and a better overall and more streamlined shopping experience. We appreciate your past patronage over the last 17 years and are looking forward to serving you in better ways going forward.

Buy Groceries Online! Save time and avoid the line! 

ShopFoodEx.com is a premium online grocery shopping service that has been shipping groceries throughout the United States and to APO/FPO addresses since 2001! We meticulously hand-package each order using pristine new boxes, painstakingly wrap each glass jar or bottle to prevent breakage, amply cushion boxes containing sodas, and use double-wall boxes and the "box within a box" method for those really fragile items such as breads or chips. At ShopFoodEx it's done right!  With "old-school" quality control standards and over 15,000 grocery items on our website, and growing every day, it's easy to see why ShopFoodEx is the perfect solution when choosing to buy your groceries online!  

CHECK IT OUT! When you order your groceries online from ShopFoodEx and spend $100 or more we will knock 33% off your shipping charges!  

Discounts are calculated automatically and no coupon codes are required.

Just In ...
Sara Lee Soft & Smooth White Made with Whole Grain Bread (20 oz.)
Nature's Own 8 Hot Dog Butter Buns (15 oz. Bag)
Nature's Own 8 100% Whole Wheat Hamburger Buns (15 oz. Bag)
Nature's Own 8 Hamburger Butter Buns (16 oz. Bag)
Wonder Classic 8 Hamburger Buns Enriched Buns (12 oz. Bag)
Wonder Classic 8 Hot Dog Buns Enriched Buns (12 oz. Bag)
Nestle La Lechera Fat Free Sweetened Condensed Milk (14 oz. can)
Hanover Garden Fresh Domestic Mushrooms Pieces & Stems (16 oz. can)
Polar Premium Select Marinated Mushrooms (35 oz. jar)
Mountain Ridge 100% Raw Organic Honey (22 oz. jar)
Fiber One Limited Edition 90 Calorie Birthday Cake Bars (12 count box)
Roland Grilled Green Asparagus In Sunflower (8.3 oz. tray)
Roland Grilled Piquillo Peppers (8.3 oz. tray)
Seattle's Best Coffee Henry's Blend Dark Roast Ground Coffee (12 oz.)
Doritos Poppin' Jalapeno Tortilla Chips (9.75 oz.)
Tostitos Salsa Verde Tortilla Chips (12.5 oz.)
Sunsweet Fruit Packs Amazin Prunes (6 packs/5.4 oz. bag)
Sunsweet Fruit Packs Apricots (6 packs/4.2 oz. bag)
California Sun-Dry Smoked Sun-Dried Tomatoes Julienne Cut (3 oz. pouch)
Cara Mia California Style Artichoke Hearts in Water (14.75 oz. Jar)
Ever Tried These ...
Kellogg's Super Mario Cereal (8.4 oz.)
Karo Pancake Syrup (16 oz.)
Roddenbery's Cane Patch Syrup (12 oz. bottle)
Alaga Original Cane Syrup (16 oz. glass bottle)
Peanut Butter & Co. Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter (16 oz.)
Nuccina Pumpkin Spice Cookie Butter (13 oz.)
Maggi Jugo Seasoning  Sauce (3.38 oz. bottle)
Quaker King Vitaman Cereal (9.7 oz.)
Quaker Quisp Cereal (8.5 oz.)
New to Online Grocery Shopping? How to Pick 'n Click.

ShopFoodEx.com makes it easy to shop for and order your groceries online. Simply start with a product search either by brand, aisle (category) or by a specific product name. When you see an item you want just click the add to cart button. Not quite ready to buy now? Then click the Add to Shopping List button and when you are ready to purchase and checkout your items will be conveniently there on your list. With online grocery shopping and delivery, you can avoid the driving, the taxi (or Uber) and the bus. So leave the heavy lifting to us, with ShopFoodEx it's fast, fun and easy to order groceries online! 

Comparison Shopping....so how is ShopFoodEx different? 

Recently there has been a resurgence in the online grocery scene. Now it seems like everyone is offering online grocery shopping from Amazon to Wal-Mart. So what sets ShopFoodEx apart from these “Wall Street” grocers? After all, why choose us?

  • We are definitely not Wall Street and yet we're not rookies....in fact, far from it! We were one of the first and have been around since 2001. 
  • Our website is easy to navigate because all we sell are groceries. That's it.....groceries....period. Our aim is to make it easy for you to order groceries online. See the" other guys" for all the "other stuff".
  • We hand pick and hand pack your order; that's Jackie and Bonnie bubble-wrapping all of those glass jars....not a robot.  
  • We carry the newest (and coolest) groceries, hard-to-find favorites, seasonal and limited edition items and over 15,000 other everyday grocery staples. 
  • We feed you....but we don't force feed you! There are no minimums and unlike the other guys we don't force you into buying cases! You can order in any quantity to fit your specific needs from 1 to 100 (or more)!
  • We do our best to offer you the widest selection of groceries online or "offline". We do this by carrying as many sizes and flavors as possible rather than just the best-sellers typically found in your local grocery store.
  • We carry groceries that other online grocery stores tend to shy away from. From soda to bread we are experts in packaging the “hard stuff”.
  • We ship items that are packaged in glass (pasta sauce, jelly, etc...). Some of the big guys believe it or not can't do this. I mean, after all; a broken glass can wreak havoc when shipping everything imaginable on miles and miles of moving belts and assembly style lines. Only groceries here; we promise.
  • We accept all major credit cards....and PayPal!
  • We gladly (and proudly) ship groceries to our soldiers and diplomats all over the world. We are experts at shipping groceries to APO's and take great pride in carefully packaging these orders. We have garnered many compliments at how "we do what we do".  
Our A+ BBB rating is a result of us striving to go the extra mile whether it is carrying items per your request (and we have had some doozies!) or simply by making ourselves accessible via email or by our toll-free telephone number.
So please take a look around, relax, enjoy that cup of coffee (we carry over 250 varieties by the way) and see how easy online grocery shopping can be with ShopFoodEx. 
Customer reviews about Online Grocery Shopping with ShopFoodEx.com

"I just want to thank you for such a quick delivery of my groceries."

"My groceries arrived just 3 days after ordering online plus they were well packaged, preventing breakage. This is my first order but I'm certain it won't be the last. I have also told my family and friends about ShopFoodEx." M. Lindsey- Newport, TN.

Still need convincing? Click here to see what others are saying about ShopFoodEx.

Questions or comments about our Online Grocery Store?

For questions, comments or to suggest a product that you'd like to see in our online grocery store, send us a note at customerservice@shopfoodex.com.

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