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10 Reasons to Order Groceries Online

When you think about grocery shopping, you may have visions of misbehaving children, confusion about sales and prices, waiting in long lines, and the pain of hauling everything out to your car and then into your home. These unfortunate grocery store obstacles are just a few of the reasons why ordering groceries online is a growing trend across the nation. From independent services to big-box stores, online grocery shopping is more convenient, affordable, and advantageous than ever!

At ShopFoodEx, we were one of the first online grocery stores in the country. We knew from the beginning that the doorstep service and convenient ordering options would help the young and old, busy and overwhelmed, to order groceries online and get what they need when it would otherwise have been impossible. The benefits of online grocery shopping are numerous and vary depending on the shoppers’ specific situation, but here are 10 reasons to order groceries online that appeal to almost everyone!

  1. No lines... ever! Whether you do your grocery shopping on your lunch hour or on a Sunday afternoon, when you order your groceries online, you’ll never wait in line. With a press of a button, you’ve paid for your items and they’ll be shipped to you securely.

  1. You save time and money! With no driving to the grocery store, no getting lost in the wrong aisle, and no distracting end-cap specials, you’ll get the chore done faster with more cash in your pocket afterward. Our specialized search function and online grocery “aisle” format allows you to find what you need quickly and efficiently.

  1. No more forgetting your grocery list! When you sign up for an account with ShopFoodEx online groceries, our system remembers the items you love and purchase often. This way, you can easily order “The Usual” to get what you always get, or reference previous purchases to see the brands, sizes, and prices that you know already work for you and your family.

  1. No worrying about interruptions! When you’re shopping in the grocery store, you’re at the mercy of your surroundings. From cell phone calls to kids toppling over displays, your shopping experience may become derailed. In contrast, online grocery shopping with ShopFoodEx allows you to leave your order at any time and return to it when you’re ready. When signed in to your ShopFoodEx account, the items in your cart will stay there until you remove them or finalize your order. Toddler tantrums in aisle five are a thing of the past!

  1. Flexibility of Payment. ShopFoodEx accepts all major credit cards for online grocery orders and is a PayPal verified vendor for added convenience for you.

  1. Easily send the comforts of home to your soldier overseas. ShopFoodEx offers online grocery shopping that you can send to APO AE and APO AA addresses. Full insurance on the package is provided free of charge to ensure your loved one in uniform receives the items you’ve selected for them. No need to worry about packaging your items safely or standing in line at the post office. We’ve got it covered.

  1. Variety! ShopFoodEx is a unique online grocery store in that we provide significantly more choices than your typical grocery store. From seasonal items to a specific size or brand of product you’re looking for, we’re more likely to have it on our shelves of online groceries than any other vendor! For example, check out our peanut butter aisle with 100 different jars for you to choose from or the coffee section with 250 varieties!

  1. We help you give back. We’re dedicated to charitable causes and giving back to our community. ShopFoodEx is based in Southwest Virginia and we give you the option to round up your purchase so that we can make regular contributions to the local homeless shelter, The Rescue Mission, benefiting the women’s and children’s fund.

  1. Shop for your groceries from anywhere! We don’t just mean your couch, although that’s nice, of course. When you place your online grocery order with ShopFoodEx, we’ll ship your items to anywhere in the world. Whether you want your groceries to be waiting for you at your doorstep when you return home from an exotic vacation or you’d like a fully stocked kitchen when you get to your villa in France for a romantic getaway, you can place your online grocery order from anywhere in the world, to be delivered anywhere! 

  2. Shop the sale aisle like never before! Shopping for sale and close-out items at your local grocery store can be a cumbersome and lengthy process. Often hidden on shelves between regularly priced items, you might miss the sale you’re looking for because of poor product placement. When ordering your groceries online, you simply click the “specials” tab and you can see all sale items in one place with the original price and sale price listed for your convenience and comparison. No more walking the aisles with the weekly flier, wondering if a product missed a markdown or was moved to a new location!

And a bonus benefit, ordering groceries online can truly help you with meal planning for yourself and your family. When you can plan in advance, knowing what foods you’ll have in your kitchen, you’re free to create a healthy, convenient menu that you’re much more likely to stick to and work from on a weekly or monthly basis. Better yet, shop the specials to stock your pantry and freezer to plan meals even further in advance and save even more money!

From financial savings to having healthier, more delicious menu options to choose from, the benefits of buying groceries online are clear. Our happy customers range from busy individuals and parents to seniors who have trouble leaving their homes, and our service meets and exceeds the needs of anyone who, for whatever reason, prefers to order their groceries online. ShopFoodEx is proud to offer some exceptional features that add to the convenience and advantages of ordering your groceries online. Grocery shopping online doesn’t get any better than ShopFoodEx!

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